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 Banned words on the ViP forums.

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PostSubject: Banned words on the ViP forums.   Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:17 am

Hello everyone,

Thankfully thus far, I am pleased to announce that the levels of cuss word use in this forum has reached record lows in the past trimester of ViP's re-birthing. However, I am rather disappointed to announce in contrast, the banning of the word 'Pants.' If this word is ever implemented in any threads, it will result in an immediate lifetime ban from ViP. In the initial case, all attempts to use this word will be thwarted, instead replaced with the less volatile word: 'pants.' However, if the use of the word 'pants' becomes excessive in this forum, I may be forced to ban this word too.

Thank you,
Oldjoe out.
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Banned words on the ViP forums.
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