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 Welcome to the [ViP] clan official hub!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the [ViP] clan official hub!   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:22 am

Welcome to all new Guests and Members!

[ViP]Oldjoe here to say hi and encourage you to join in on all the festivities. I'm one of the two admins on the GOD site to help keep things running.

ViP is all about fun, community spirit and importantly, the lolz. Lynx and I founded this clan based upon the premise that fun is free and that there should be plenty to go around. We don't believe in restricting what you say and thereby, if you follow the rules, we won't interfere too much except to notify all our members about clan Scrims, fun events and general notices. We'll be here for all general help and questions most of the time Wink

ViP isn't necessarily about competitive gameplay, but rather fun and fair team-oriented socialization. LynX and I firmly believe that getting to the top of the ladder isn't our goal, but playing as we please and at a pace that is satisfactory for ourselves is a great motive to play any game with. We encourage you to join our clan if you also believe in these values.

So off you go! You can apply to join our clan in our 'Clan Application' section of our forums or you can have a chat with Lynx or I, in-game. Ensure you post your Nickname and intent of application in the title of any of your posts you create, if you wish to join.

You can discuss all degrees of anything in our forums. Just keep things like titles clear and concise and ensure you post your threads in the appropriate section.

That's all I have to say! Lynx should have a post up to say hello as well and we should be around a fair bit to help out...

See you on the battlefield,

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the [ViP] clan official hub!   Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:31 am

And as Joe said... WELCOME!

Hai im LynX btw Razz

Hopefully ya'll enjoy the site and keep interested in gaming Wink

The clan is just a little group who want to have a few games together in Aus and NZ. Nothing serious, so kick back, relax and have some fun Razz

anyways cya round sometime,
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Welcome to the [ViP] clan official hub!
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