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 My the Last Remnant review

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PostSubject: My the Last Remnant review   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:10 am

Ok guys another review for you all……

Ive been playing through The Last Remnant over the past few weeks and thought you might like to hear my experiences with the game.

This game is a Square Enix publication and is a port from the consoles, it uses the Unreal engine and I have to say square have done a fantastic job using this engine, not only that the port seems to have been done very well and as well as looking fantastic has added some much needed extras which make the game much more easier to play, ( I would like to add the game is really designed to be played with a controller and I haven’t played it at all with a keyboard and mouse.

The game follows the story of Rush Sykes as he searches for his sister who was kidnapped at the start of the game, the story revolves around the search for her and a series of remnants which are relics of a age long ago, and have special powers and abilities and a mysterious figure who seems intent to collect them all for untold purposes. The story takes you across the land and along the way one can meet and add characters to ones party and that’s basically the story line right there.

The graphics are really impressive and added to that the sound track which if anyone has played a square game in the past will know is always impressive, but I would have to say the music is not as moving as some square games I have played in the past.

the map is huge and once you have unlocked a area you are able to return to it to grind your team up, some of the battles can be vary challenging and i have to say that like most square enix games grinding to some extent is a given and will certainly make things easier for you in the long run.

The game centers around finding and accepting quests by visiting towns and cities and this feature is simple as every interactive NPC has a icon above their head to let you know what they offer in terms of quests, information or merchandise.

You dont walk around freely on the world map unlike alot of square games, locations are unlocked and that area can then be selected to travel to that location, while within that location you can freely walk around the area which are large and varied, any enemies within that area are visible, so yes you guessed it there are no random encounters, the same principle applies when in a city, you can select the city on the world map to travel there, the city is divided into sections and you choose any given section to go to that area.

Also leveling up isn't traditional either, rather than leveling up a character, you gain experience which turns into battle points which affect the whole team, every union, so the more battle points the stronger your unions will be, more collective hit points etc.its nice because it takes the attention away from one or two characters and focuses on the whole team.

The story is second to the fighting in this game and I have to say I don’t mind one bit, the fighting is unique and a pleasure to take part of, rather than controlling one or two characters this game allows and expects you to form unions (battle parties) and as you level up you can add more units and form stronger and specialized parties depending on needs. The fighting is typical to a square enix game in the sense that it is turn based but this game also adds elements such as morale, standoffs, flanking etc, which makes every turn you have important to the outcome of the battle, if one union is destroyed the battle continues and one has to make tough decisions to sometimes sacrifice one union in order to gain field advantage or flanking advantage etc. the attacks one has are varied and has both weapon based attacks and magic based attacks as well as power moves and special attacks as well, this game also offers at certain times a power hit by timing a prompt to hit a given button which can do serious damage, (this is why I personally wouldn’t like to play this game without a controller, but if you are familiar with a keyboard im guessing it wouldn’t be to much of a issue) and if you are successful with the first prompt you are often required to combo them up so that the whole union can attack with a series of power strikes.

battles can become epic and you can draw in enemies to link together enemy unions to make it more challenging and also gain more rewards (50+ enemies in one battle), this game makes it easy to manage units because if a unit requires any items it will request it and you have the option of giving or keeping the requested item/s.

you can collect loot, capture or split monsters, (to gain rare items etc) buy items and also upgrade weapons and armor but you really only have to focus on Rush as the NPC's all request what they need to keep them strong and ready for battle......

this game is a single player only game and i really would only recommend it to those that are a fan of JRPG's that don't mind grinding and a battle focused story which to be honest isn't really very compelling or deep...

the game requires a Steam account to activate but can be played in offline mode after the initial installation has been completed.

i am playing the game with the notebook in my sig and it maxes out the settings and runs very well indeed.

i give this game a 7/10 and think that if the story had have been alittle more interesting could have earnt a higher score. as it is the battles are really well thought out and carry the game on there shoulder.

minimum requirements: OS: windows XP:sp2 vista sp1 or above, Processor: intel core @ duo 2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2GHz, Memory: 1.5gb Ram 15gb free hard drive space, Video card: nVidia Geforce 8600 Vram 256mb or better, Sound card : 100% directsound compatible sound card (directX9.0 or higher), Internet connection: broadband, Display: 1024x768 32bit or higher.... AS PER THE BOX

anyway if you have any questions or want more screen shots feel free to ask.
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My the Last Remnant review
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