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 My Sacred 2 Fallen Angel review

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PostSubject: My Sacred 2 Fallen Angel review   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:10 am

ok guys so ive put in enough time recently with the action RPG game Sacred 2 fallen Angel to write up a review....this is based im my experiences with the game and id like to add im a fan of the genre.

first and foremost this is definitely in the same mold as diablo2, titan quest etc its a click fest but like diablo2 very rewarding in its simplicity.

id like to say this game has a few bugs...ive got version 2.2 and the main bug happens when launching the game a annoying error screen appears which requires one to click ok several times before allowing the game to launch.....Ive also experienced this bug when loading my saved game.....
other than that Ive only experienced occasional error in the gameplay namely a few times enemies have sunken into the ground...... other than that i have found the gameplay smooth and enjoyable to be in.

so this game offers single player campaign, multiplayer and also co-op lan which adds to the enjoyment of the game.
upon starting a new game we are given a choice of 6 characters and also the choice of which path we would like to follow the Dark or light

# Seraphim:
# Shadow Warrior:
# High Elf:
# Dryad:
# Temple Guardian:
# Inquisitor:
of these 6 characters the Seraphim can only play within the Light path and the Inquisitor can only play within the Dark path.

so after selecting a character we get a brief intro explaining the story which is basically the typical power struggle is raging between two factions within the High Elves. The nobility and clergy are each trying to gain control over the power source of the country and the other races are all taking there share of the spoils, eventually the energy source goes increasingly out of control and changes into a destructive force. A force that mutates creatures, destroys cities, and renders entire regions uninhabitable. The campaign selection you make will determine whether your story involves healing the land, or intensifying the chaos....the story is very comical, with some great one-liners that made me burst out laughing....this game definitely takes the lighter side of ARPG's, its a really nice change to have some light humor within the game and i applaud Ascaron for being bold enough to do it.

characters level up frequently and have a wide array of skills, stats, special powers and combos to keep you interested, i heard that it is possible to reach level 200+ in this game which by looking at all the different variables within a level up can accept easily.

let me say the map is massive.....i mean huge!! Ive been playing for over 11hours and am only scratching the surface, there are of course dungeons, and caves to explore and loot but the bulk of the game is played on the surface.......there are portals that you can activate which allows you to fast travel to certain areas and many different towns and cities to find and sell, buy and upgrade weapons and equipment.

one really enjoyable feature of this game is the fact that you can store items you may want to keep for a later date or specific quest in chests found in towns.....the twist here is that you can store it in a community type chest which when playing co-op allows your team mates access and the ability take the equipment they may need...i really like this feature, as well as that you can store character specific items and then upon creating a different character allow them to also access the chest to gain valuable equipment.......

enemies are plentiful and varied, and there are sub-boss creatures of any given horde that appear quite often and give of much better loot than the normal guys, of course it wouldn't be a hack'n'slash if there where not a bunch of hordes coming at you throughout the game and this is no different, the details given to each and every unit is really impressive and a enjoyable part of the game.

loot is of course to be had, and can be found in chests, barrels etc and of course in the spoils after battles and some nice touches within this game are firstly, after taking down the horde instead of having to pick up each item separately there is a handy hot key which will add every lootable item in a given area straight into your items bag, also important or stronger/special items are given a different colour in there name description to make it easier to pay attention to the more interesting items to be had.
items can be upgraded by taking them to blacksmiths, as well as that there are stores to sell you gear and buy new stuff and also one for magic as well.

there are hundreds upon hundreds of quests in this game, with (from what i have heard) 100+ main quests alone.........mainly the quests require you to travel to a certain place, kill and then return with the item etc the gain your experience and rewards..the selected quest has corresponding arrows and markers on the maps to help locate the area you need to be in..there are however some interesting ones that are completely out there.....i wont give them away.....

the sound track of this game is really very good and i find the voice overs to be good keeping in mind the humorous nature to the game..... this game also has an Exclusive in-gme concert by BLIND GUARDIAN

the graphics are really impressive, with a variety of different regions, running the spectrum from arid desert to tropical rain forest. Every region differs in its climate, terrain, architecture, inhabitants, flora, fauna and lighting and is really enjoyable......some times its a little annoying traveling from one place to the next as the map often doesn't show clearly enough a cliff face or river that isnt passable and you have to back track to find a path that allows you to get where you are going.

im playing this game with the computer in my sig and i max out the settings with a average FPS in the high 30's.

Min System Requirements: OS: Windows Xp, or Vista, Processor:2.4ghz, Storage: 1gb ram 20gb hard drive space, Sound card: DirectX compatible, Video card: 256mb nVidia Geforce 6800 or better, ATI Radeon X800 or better, Multiplayer: DSL modem or network card
Recommended System Requirements: OS: Windows XP or Vista Processor: 2ghz dual core, Storage: 1gb ram 20gb hard drive space, Sound Card: EAX 5.0, surround sound compatible, Video Card: 512mb Geforce 8800 GTS or ATI Radeon HD3870 or better (as Per the Box) the game is enhanced for multicore and also uses Physx

this game as i said at the start is definitely a hack'n'slash click fest but it is really enjoyable and i would recommend it to those that like the genre...those that are new should probably try out the demo first......

i give this game a solid 8-10 for those that like the genre and a 7-10 for the rest.
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My Sacred 2 Fallen Angel review
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