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 My TitanQuest gold review

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PostSubject: My TitanQuest gold review   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:08 am

ok guys here i am with another probably pointless review for you.

i recently brought TitanQuest gold edition which includes the expansion Immortal throne, after you have installed them both you can play both games from loading the expansion, the benefit to this is added weapons, master classes etc.

so first off this game is diablo2 (plays in the exact same manner) set in Greece, Egypt and Asia, made by the company THQ, the graphics are very good remembering the game is a couple of years old but i don't find them as detailed or clean and crisp as say Sacred2 fallen angel, it uses the ragdoll physics engine and has full lighting effects, day-night cycles, accurate ancient world mythology and modern 3D graphics.

the story in a nutshell: The Titans have escaped their eternal prison, wreaking havoc and chaos upon earth, the gods seek someone to be there hero and turn the tide in an epic struggle that will determine the fates of both men and god......YOU...YES YOU...ARE YOU READY TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE? (thats your cue to buy the game Wink )

ok well now that's done now you are ready to become the hero, which of course starts off by having to choose and name and gender....and if you so desire a colour for your tunic, and that's about it for now.

with that sorted out you are placed in a village where you chat with afew NPC and receive quest information to start saving the world and so it begins.

after acouple of levels you start to define your character buy choosing a masterclass which is basically a major skill tree which allows for your special abilities, once again after another 6 or so level you are given the choice to choose a second masterclass but of course you are going to have to be skillful as you are only given a certain amount of skill points to use within your skill tree per gained levelup.

the gameplay was a little sluggish to start of with almost unresponsive, but i soon realized that this is one of the good features of the game, the weapons you use vary in there attack speeds and if you have a weapon that is slow it acts more sluggishly than a faster yielding weapon.

there are a wide array of weapons and loot to be had in the game and they are identified through different colouring.

grey: broken item
white: standard item
yellow: magical item
green: rare item
blue: epic item
purple: legendary item
orange: relic or charm

as well as that there are shops etc which basically are placed to sell your much collected loot, the best items are found from fallen enemies and i to date have only ever brought potions from the stores.

the fighting is typical to a hack n slash action rpg and is fast paced and actually quite a challange, there are a wide array of different enemies and bosses for example centaurs, satyrs, minotaurs, gorgons, and skeletons and i must say when i first came up against a cyclopes i was very impressed.

this game throws hordes at you and if (when) you die you are reborn in a rebirth spring, one feature which i like about this game is when you do die you lose experience and at the place where you died a headstone is erected if you can make it back there and click on the head stone it will reward you with returning some of your lost experience, believe me you will die in this game, the battles are challenging and very satisfying in all regards.

quests are found in the wild and in villages and cities and usually you dont have to make much of a detour to complete any given side quests, i find the game to be a little linear compared to sacred2 which can allow you to travel anywhere and choose quests along the way. this isn't actually a bad thing in my eyes just different, it actually keeps things on track and rather than running around blindly for hours you are gently lead along through the storyline.

the game seems to be quite large and ive been playing for a number of hours and am only starting to open up some of the interesting features of the game. the game is evenly divided into the three realms Greece, Egypt and Asia and im guessing you will spend around the same time in each realm. as well as that the expansion adds a fourth realm that of the underworld which can be unlocked at the completion of the main storyline.

the soundtrack is good if not great but the voice acting wasn't the best in my opinion

this game also offers up multiplayer modes which can be enjoyed from 2-6 players and can be played through internet or lan connection, the manual says you can trade items with other players and store things to swap with other characters you may have created.

all and all this is a fun game that does take alittle while to get into and once you have you will find your self sucked into the battles and loot collecting, i think it is a worthy title to add to your collection if you are into action RPG's but if i had to choose between this and the other recent ARPG sacred2 fallen angel i would choose TitanQuest, really enjoyable fast paced action all the way through.

i give this game a very solid 8/10 and if its a lot like diablo2 that isn't a bad thing in my opinion why fix what isn't broken, the gameplay grows on you and the enemies are interesting and challenging and all and all i think its the next best thing to diablo2.

system requirements: OS: windows Xp or Vista, Processor: 1.8ghz intel pentium 4 equivalent or AMD Athlon Xp or equivalent, hard drive space: 10gb free and 512mb Ram, GPU: 64mb nVidia Geforce 3 or equivalent or ATI radeon 8500 series with pixel shader 1.1 support or equivalent

recommended requirements: OS: windows Xp or Vista, Processor: 3ghz intel Pentium or equivalent, hard drive space: 10gb free and 1gb ram, GPU: 128mb nVidia geforce 6800 or equivalent, Sound card: sound blaster X-Fi series or higher, Multiplayer: 1 disc per computer, internet, cable modem, DSL modem or better for multiplayer online play, network LAN or broadband WAN.

im playing it on the notebook in my sig and it plays it very well on max settings.

so i hope this was useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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My TitanQuest gold review
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