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 My DeadSpace review

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PostSubject: My DeadSpace review   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:05 am

Ok guys here's another review for you.

I recently brought deadspace a title created by EA labeled as a 3rd person survival horror/sci-fi game, I don’t think of it as a horror game I personally would class this game as a survival thriller/sci-fi game, for me thrillers suck you in, increase the intensity of the atmosphere over time and then occasionally throw something at you that scares the living jumblies out of you or shocks you deeply based on the built up atmosphere, this game does that brilliantly right from the get go, weather it is from the airy horrific scenery, the subtle play on lighting or the sound effects like the heavy breathing when hurt which is magnified by the spacesuit….quite simply this game sucks you in and doesn’t let go.

Ok so the plot in a nut shell, you take the role of engineer Issac Clark who is part of a crew sent to assist a distress call from the planet cracker USG ISHIMRA a massive deep space mining ship housing thousands, upon arrival it quickly becomes clear that something horrific has taken place, and within minutes some of your own crew are killed and you are separated from the remaining members, you goal becomes one of survival as you try to uncover the truths of this intense thriller.

The graphics of this game are top class shading and lighting are fantastic as well as the sound effects and voice acting.

There are few characters in the game which is really good in my opinion as you really start to feel alone and when you do have contact its timely and appreciated.

Issac has a space critical suit which is his armor and life support it is a great design as everything you need to know about regarding your status is shown directly on the suit, from health meter, air supply or statis meter.

Another great feature of this game is the use of holographic projections with most of your interactions, like accessing your inventory, crew messaging or sound logs, item pickups or visiting the USG ISHIMRA shop, the reason I like it so much is it really adds to the atmospheric nature of the game, the tension keeps building and building, and you never really feel you are free from it.

The action in battles is fast paced and in your face, the enemies work together to take you down, try to flank you and all and all I find the AI very good in this game, the combat is really interesting in that the Necromorph (just your average friendly alien) do not simply die after receiving a certain number of gun rounds. In fact, depending on how they are wounded, Necromorph can adopt new stances and tactics, even sprouting new limbs or giving birth in the process, id advise one to think of dismemberment as a option.

Loot or items can be had from fallen enemies as well as in storage boxes and containers, as well as that money can also be found which can be using in a variety of different manners.

One can obtain and upgrade (at workbenches) a number of different weapons but in order to do so one my find the download plans first , Issac’s spacesuit can also be upgraded and special abilities can be had like Statis (slow motion), kinesis and gravity boots for the zero gravity sections of the ship.

The USG ISHIMRA has stores scattered throughout the ship and you can buy upgrade nodes, heathpacks ammo etc as well s sell items or store equipment for a later date.

I have really enjoyed this game and think it is worthy of adding to ones collection, a few things to note, it uses the DRM securerom feature limiting the amount of times it can be installed on a machine to 5, and I have heard reports that when using a keyboard and mouse the controls can feel a little sluggish, I personally use the windows 360 controller and its already been mapped to the game so it’s a simply plug in and play, the only other gripe i have with the game is the loads times are quite long (problem fixed after turning vsync off, next to no load times at all now.)

If you like games such as F.E.A.R and bioshock then this game is right up your alley and well worth a look.

I give this game a solid 8/10

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: OS: Windows XP SP2 or Vista,CPU: 2.8GHz processor or better, RAM: 1gb or more for Xp or 2gb or more for Vista, DISC DRIVE: 1x or faster DVD-ROM drive, HARD DRIVE: at least 7gb free space, VIDEO CARD:256 mb or more memory and contain one of these chipsets: nVidia Geforce 6800, ATI X1600 Pro or better, DirectX 9.0c compatible, SOUND: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card (as per the box)

im playing the game with the notebook in my sig and it stays around the 140fps mark with all settings on max and vsync off.

so i hope this was readable and helping in your decision making towards this great title, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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My DeadSpace review
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